My Time in North Carolina

This is my aunt's house. FORWARD:...

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North Carolina 4.JPG

This is my aunt's house.

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The repetition of my alarm wakes me up. It's 12:30pm on a Sunday in Marshall, North Carolina. But instead of getting up I stay where I am, laying in a bed in the midst of musical ring tones. It's noisy and a bit uncomfortable but I can still sleep. "Christopher it's 1:00pm"calls my uncle from the top of the stairway. He is calling me to wake me up for a 2 o'clock appointment. I'm still tired but he's right, I need to get up. I make my bed, put on clean clothes and walk upstairs. Aunt Maya is busy in the kitchen cleaning and preparing our day. "Good morning Christopher" she says as she greets me with breakfast. She always manages to make me feel at home. North Carolina is a beautiful state . . . that it is.

After finishing breakfast I take a seat with Aunt Maya on one of her couches. I'm always delighted to help her with computer related tasks since she is a beginner with this kind of stuff and I kind of know my way around. I taught her how to edit her blog posts and change her web pages, now she just needs to practice. I remember not believing that I'd ever type as fast as "grown ups" and now I type as fast as I can think. Aunt Maya's experience with her Macintosh is no different. I believe in her and she'll be a pro in no time.

I've managed to discuss a few computer related topics with Uncle Ramesh but my time with him has been limited, so Zen has been helping him out instead. Zen, my cousin, has always contributed to our family, be it Radha, Ayvee, Aunt Maya, Uncle Ramesh or even me. He and Uncle Ramesh are working on a website to sell relaxation music CD's. I did some work on the site in the past but Zen wants to upgrade it a bit.

Well that concludes this blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Here are some of the pictures I took:

North Carolina 7.JPG

Picture of a "round house" (one of their neighbors).

North Carolina 8.JPG

A sidewalk in Asheville, North Carolina.

North Carolina 12.JPG

Organic cucumber from my Aunt Maya's garden.

North Carolina 11.JPG

A sunflower from Aunt Maya's garden.

North Carolina 9.JPG

A flower from Aunt Maya's garden.

North Carolina 10.JPG

A mailbox located down the road from their house.

Here are some more pictures that I took but with a disposable camera instead:

North Carolina 5.JPG

Picture of Aunt Maya directing her dog, Shakti.

North Carolina 2.JPG

Another picture of the "round house" (one of their neighbors).

North Carolina 6.JPG

Picture of one of the roads leading to their house.

North Carolina.JPG

Picture of a stream, located down the road from their house.

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