Holy Child School in Davao City

Jake (@abello) in his Ho...

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Jake and Chris.jpg

Jake (@abello) in his Holy Child outfit (2016).

FORWARD: This post was initially written on May 24th, 2017 but I am now uploading it to the Steem blockchain via @engrave on ChrisRice.blog. My main website is now ChrisRice.xyz.

This is one of the good memories that I share with Jake. He was wearing his Holy Child t-shirt with red face paint and his Ate Emafe is the one who took the photo.

Holy Child is the school he went to when we lived in Mintal of Davao City. It was an English speaking school and the education there was good. There were a lot of school projects and extracurricular activities like swimming and taekwando.

On the day of this photo Jake was singing at a Holy Child event with his classmates, and he was singing so loud that the veins in his neck were getting really large. I remember seeing a strong sense of innocence in his expressions and gestures. That is probably the closest thing to fatherhood besides my wife’s pregnancy that I have ever experienced.

So I am looking forward to more interactions like that with Jake, and especially the birth of my son, Zac Lucas Rice. I have a good sense that the day he is born will be similar and probably a lot more intense. It will be the first time I witness the miracle of life in person and I predict it will be a day of pure joy 😊

Jake and Renz.jpg

Jake & Renz (July of 2015)

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