Happy Birthday in 2013

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FORWARD: This post was initially written on July 11th, 2013 but I am now uploading it to the Steem blockchain via @engrave on ChrisRice.blog. My main website is now ChrisRice.xyz.

I have seen you struggle in life and I know about the struggles you went through before we met. And I know how difficult it is to be the responsible one, the one who remembers, reminds, organizes, disciplines, plans and corrects.

But I have to believe that you and I will create the life of our dreams, and that I will somehow manage to get better. I believe this because I have to, and I believe this because it’s right.

I started taking a supplement a week ago and feel some results. I am not sure if it is just a placebo affect or not. But I will blog about it in a month or so. Hopefully by then I will have made some progress.

We go through hardship together but we are never alone. I am proud of the commitment we share, I am proud to be your husband, and I’m proud to be a part of everything you’ve accomplished.

Happy birthday on my blog again Love. I want to look back on the letters I write for you. Stay pretty, stay sweet and be with me always.

Happy Birthday Emafe!

Love, Your Husband Chris.

UPDATE: September 7th, 2019

This was written at a time when @emafe and I were still working on our marriage. She was dealing with the culture shock of living away from her family, being married to a Westerner, and being married to someone with Personality Type ENFP-A, or to summarize it, someone without structure and a believer in freedom.

@emafe was also dealing with anxiety at the time and it is only now, in 2019 and starting last month, that she finally started getting treatment for it. She is now recovering well from her hardship / stress & anxiety that she experienced.

We have made great friends online via Steemit and helped co-found the #SteemPhilippines group. In addition to that, we are now starting Anxiety.ph, a sister project of Steem.ph. Thanks everyone, things have gone well. 😊

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