Ford Ecosport in Mars Red

Ford Ecosport in Mars Red...

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Ford Ecosport in Mars Red.jpg

Ford Ecosport in Mars Red

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From this angle, our new car might look like a Honda Fit but it is a Ford Ecosport.

It's the car @emafe and I just purchased in order to prepare for @zaclucas's arrival.

I'm happy that the car isn't too small and not too big either. I don't understand the validity of climate change and global warming but if any of the claims made by environmental scientists are true, our Ecosport will probably harm the environment less than other cars would.

I didn't think I could ever purchase a brand new car but Emafe helped me do it, and that is one of the reasons I am happy to be married to Emafe.

The two of us have different strengths - she is industrious and I am good at staying calm. I let her know that it is okay to feel stressed and she instructs me in areas that I am too simple minded to understand on my own.

Thank you for helping me purchase our car @emafe, I love you :)

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@emafe and I before going to bed.

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