Emafe's Journey of Motherhood

Dear @emafe, For Mother's Day, even though it past a bit ago in the Philippines, I have some photos to share with you....

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Dear @emafe,

For Mother's Day, even though it past a bit ago in the Philippines, I have some photos to share with you. This will be an easy way for us to look back on the journey you took toward motherhood, and the beginning of our time as parents.

The 1st photo (above) marks the beginning of it all, the year we found out you were pregnant, and the promise of your most cherished dream coming true. Neither of us new what lay ahead but 2016 was definitely a year of surprises.

I still remember us going to the OBGYNE where it was explained that you had mature eggs on the side of the phalopian tube that was already removed. This would have made a near-term pregnancy seem or at least feel impossible.

Don't give up . . have hope and just pray, since you never know, the eggs might jump from one ovary to another, miracles do happen so don't give up. Anything is possible.

Was the doctor's advice.

So when you struck positive on a pregnancy test and we went to the OBGYNE again we were met with the 1st sign, that your dream, and my dream for you and us was coming true.

The doctor said that so far, it was just an egg, and there was no baby yet so just take vitamins, and wait to see if a baby shows up during the next ultrasound.

Bamm! That's our baby 😂

After the birth I was actually recovering from health issues and was getting better, and each day @zaclucas was growing up.

I always say that my dreams came true with you, and that with @zaclucas I got a gift that was even greater than my dreams, since motherhood was originally your dream, your desire & your hope.

If I could have I would have been in better health, and would have enjoyed the earliest years of @zaclucas's life, and your pregnancy in a better state of mind but I am also already satisfied that your dream, and my dream for you & for us came true.

You captured @zaclucas's 1st birthday in what left us with an amazing set of memories and you did the most work in caring for him in his earliest years after his birth.

From the lovely staging and capturing of photos, to organizing our home life, driving and getting things done . . you do a lot that might seem to get unnoticed but I notice and it's in the 1st decade of our marriage that you made a permanent friend, someone who will always remember your kindness, care, effort and work.

That's me and as we work our way toward acheiving your dreams for our relationship, for our marriage and family, I'll be here for you as I have always been, held strong by the memories of everything I gained (non-material / not superficial gains) through knowing you, and getting to know you.

Thank you for caring, loving & growing . . thank you for making your dream of motherhood come true, and for bringing the gift of parenthood to not only yourself but to me as well. I never could have dreamed up what fatherhood would be like and it still remains to be unreal to me (in a good way) and in addition to all the life lessons I gained from our marriage, that is the greatest gift I have ever received, and it stemmed from the desires found in your heart, predating 2016.

I love you @emafe, and I love our son @zaclucas. Let this earlier photo of you, a photo of you in your dreaming stage offer you a sense of accomplishment.

Happy Mother's Day 🧡

~ @chrisrice