Creating a Peaceful Life

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If I want anything I want a peaceful life, full of love, happiness and everyone I know safely included.. but as I've learned so well, recklessly trying to make things end the way I want and fighting every alternative off with a stick is useless, pointless and counter-productive.

Loving to the best of my ability now and today for as long as I can, and as much as I can, may be all that I can ever do.

Love & Happiness

UPDATE: August 4th, 2019

1. After practicing the above ideas to their end, I discovered what happens after a person gives all and loves to the best of their ability - they end up losing all but in losing all, they discover that they essentially need nothing and have actually always had nothing, since the things we believe we have, including our feelings, thoughts & perceptions, fade, change and shift over time.

2. Every-thing fades, changes & shifts over time, but I don't necessarily consider our awareness as an actual thing. Being aware of things might cease, but the awareness behind it all (Me, You, etc.) seems to be permanent / eternal.

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