At a Monastery in the Philippines

This is a church at the Monastery ...

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Monastery Church.jpg

This is a church at the Monastery

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I visited a monastery with @emafe and her family the other day. The location was silent and solemn with trees, open space and a small prayer room. As a family we took time to sit, walk and reflect.

Most of us wrote prayers on little paper cards. @renz.rubio even wrote a prayer asking God if he could go to Heaven with his family (he's a young kid).

He doesn't quite know that much about the world, and most of the stuff he knows, and thinks he knows, is based on what he's been told, but I still see a sweetness in his prayer.

Out of everything he could ask for, he asked for him, and his family, to be together & happy forever.

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I love the open space here.

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