All of My Dreams Came True w/ YOU

It’s your birthday @emafe!...

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It’s your birthday @emafe!

And I for one am proud of you . . throughout our marriage (10 years) you have helped your family, played a role in making their dreams come true, and at other times, making sure that they were safe, okay and comfortable.

You have been there for me, just as I have been there for you, at different times of course, but as I have always said:


There were other dreams I experienced by myself, or with other people, but the greatest, most challenging & important dreams, I achieved with YOU.

Thank you for learning about life with me, for letting me be imperfect, for staying with me through the ups and downs, and for growing, maturing, learning about life, for becoming healthier, wiser, more skilled, and for having that fervency for your family that I get to be a part of.

I love you, I appreciate you, I admire you, and I’m happy with YOU.


P.S. I included your younger brother Jake in the picture, since I believe this next decade will be spent securing his future, and preparing the way for the three of us to take care of your parents, and to be ready for Zac (our son) to walk into adulthood.