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When I was Younger (and NOW)

Everything about me in terms of my form (i.e. my characteristics, experi

The Nature of Form | A World without Form

How to Make the World a Better Place in 3 STEPS

I believe everyone can make the world a better place in 3 Steps:

Bitcoin Bull Market, to be continued

The Pursuit of Happiness | Better than Happiness

FORWARD: This post was initially written in No

Top 3 Investment Mistakes to Avoid


8 Years of Marriage

Photo by: Lito S

Happily Ever After

September 10th, 2015. FORWAR

When Dreams Come True

Our baby @zaclucas posing wi

Davao Crocodile Park


Eden Nature Park

One of Fema's friends was at Eden Nature Park

Thank You, Baby Zac

Spending time w/baby @zacl